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€1 Per member, per year
The standard package automates the entire process of collecting membership and registration fees. Can be combined with existing member administration and accounting systems.
  • Payments for events and tournaments
  • Use partnership integrations
  • iDEAL, BanContact, VISA, MasterCard, SOFORT, PayPal
  • Automatic collections
  • Ticket System
  • Import XLS and CSV files
  • Extra income from donations and late payment fees
  • Pay in installments
(Excl. TXN costs)

Standard + Member Administration

Combination Package
€1.25 Per member, per year
Use our ClubBase member administration system in combination with the standard package (ClubCollect).
  • Payments for events and tournaments
  • iDEAL, BanContact, VISA, Mastercard, SOFORT, PayPal
  • Automatic collections
  • Ticket System
  • Extra income through donations and late payment fines
  • Pay in installments
  • Member administration
  • Online Sign-ups
(Excl. TXN costs)

Additional transaction costs

  • Credit card 1.5% + €0.20
  • BACS Direct Debit 1.5% + €1.20
  • Chargebacks €1.00
  • Paypal (new) 1.5% + €0.25
Extra costs
  • Letters €1.20
  • Installment fees €0.50
  • Late payment fees €2.00
  • Donations €0.50
  • Text Message Free
  • Email Free

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Frequently asked questions

In order to comply with legal requirements, we need to know whether you are registered as a representative of an official organisation.

That is why we require the following KYC documents:

  1. Proof that you are an official representative of an official organisation
  2. Photo ID of an official signatory or signatories
  3. Bank statement of the organisation (with at least IBAN, name and address of the account holder)

Your finances are crucial and we understand that. Therefore, we are committed to taking care of them as if they were our own. We process your payments through a dedicated third-party foundation. We pay out funds collected on a regular basis and operate with a high focus on security.Your money is always held securely in a third-party escrow account with ING. This escrow account is managed by ClubCollect Payments foundation

Yes, you can, we have made it easy for you to import and export data to our system.

You can fully switch to our system, but you can also use our system as a supplement, for example only for invoicing.

Depending on your subscription, you will receive an invoice on a monthly basis or on an annual basis.

Monthly invoicing takes place at the end of each period and annual invoicing takes place at the beginning of the subscription year.

Transaction costs (for payments and/or communication) are always invoiced in the period in which they take place.

You can upgrade your subscription whenever you want. Downgrading is possible at the end of the subscription.

If you downgrade the subscription before all outstanding invoices have been collected, all current payments will be executed, but no new payments can be initiated.

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