Change amount invoiced

As long as the invoice within 'Invoices' is still under 'Not Invoiced', you can adjust the amount of the subscription and this amount will automatically be deducted from all members. Please refresh the page to check this.

In case a batch has already been created, the invoice must be credited. To do this, open the member's personal page and disconnect the subscription by clicking on the pen icon behind the subscription.

Enter 'Wrongly assigned (does not deactivate the member)' as a cancellation reason, and enter today's date at the cancellation date. After this you can link the new subscription (with adjusted price) back to the member.

The easiest way to do this is to click on the plus sign next to 'Subscriptions' on the member profile. Then select the subscription and fill in the start date.

An invoice line will automatically be created which will reappear under 'Not Invoiced'. The invoice can then be created again using the normal process.

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