About us

Look after the financial health of your organisation with ClubCollect

Looking after a club or organisation isn’t easy, especially when it comes to fees and subscriptions. Any help you can get is welcome..

Which is why we created ClubCollect – a cloud-based platform designed to help you with member management and fee/subscription collection. Our membership payment system contains all the tools you need for effective financial administration in order to maintain the financial health of your organisation.

Founded in 2013, ClubCollect now looks after more than 1,300 organisations and clubs just like yours. We make it easy for these groups to collect and process over €80 million in membership fees and subscriptions for more than 700,000 members. We can do the same for you!

From invoicing and collection of membership fees, to chasing late payments and reconciling accounts, there’s never been a better way to manage your organisation’s finances.

And we’ve been very successful to date, expanding our customer base throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the UK and Ireland, and we’re still growing. That’s because, ClubCollect is more than a payment provider - we’re here to support the financial health of your organisation, so it can thrive.

Making what's important, simple

Fully secure and GDPR-compliant
online platform.
Exceptional customer service that’s helpful and sincere.
Open, honest and transparent communication.
Easily customised, depending
on your needs.
Continually improving our platform in response to customer feedback.
A trained team of professionals
working for you.
Compatible with existing
CRM systems
Low transaction costs



Founded by sport fanatics
and technology enthusiasts


Active in 5 countries
Members in 18 countries (in & outside of Europe)
Team of 40 employees

Where to find us


Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 23A


Gaston Crommenlaan 8


Siemensstr. 31