About us

Our Story

Managing a member organization gives satisfaction, but can also be complex, stressful and time consuming. It often requires dealing with multiple stakeholders and handling challenging situations, such as declining revenues, recruiting volunteers and low engagement of members.

We believe that all of those situations can be traced back to what we call the heartbeat of the member organization: financial health. A better financial health generates more activity and engagement, and brings the organization (back) to life.

ClubCollect has therefore been supporting member organizations with their finances since 2013. We ensure a hassle-free invoicing, collection of funds and payments.

In the meantime, we have developed into an organization focused on helping you manage your finances. An organization which goes beyond what other European payment providers offer. We are not stopping there but are building a platform that supports member organizations, their boards and their members in a broader sense. After all, a healthy association is not to be run by one individual, but has to be created with each other.

What we find important

We have security and privacy consciousness deeply ingrained
We treat customers with courtesy, understanding and sympathy
We are approachable and communicate honestly, openly and regularly
We make changes easy
We continuously improve ourselves, our product and our service
We take initiative and are accountable
for it
We are close team of professionals. We appreciate each other and have fun in what we do
We believe in #dev-philosophy
“done is better than perfect”



Founded by sport fanatics
and technology advocates


2 Offices
Presence in 4 countries
Members in 18 countries (in & outside of Europe)
Team of 50 employees

Where to find us

We have offices in the center of Amsterdam and Berlin.


Sint Pieterspoortsteg 23A


Kemperplatz 1