Easy-to-use invoicing

Put your billing on autopilot and focus on your members and organisation instead. To make your life even easier, ClubCollect works with any member administration system.

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Save time

Say goodbye to manual reminders, handling failed/cancelled payments and payment reconciliation. Our customers spend up to 90% less time on invoicing members.

Improve financial health

Collect fees from members faster, reduce the number of outstanding payments and get support to bridge cash gaps.

Take full control

Customise the payment experience for members, track payment progress in real-time and know when to take action.

Invoicing members has never been easier

Collecting payments from members can be a tricky and time-consuming process, even if you are using a membership management system.
ClubCollect gives you a better alternative.

End-to-end billing

Straight from your member administration

Import invoice data

Import invoice data from your member administration system. Manually or automatically.

Generate invoices

Create and send invoices in just a few clicks.


Get members to pay on time through automated billing and reminders.

Interact with members

Centralise communication with members through our ticket system.

Collect fees

Payments are processed and reconciled in real-time by us. Sit back and watch your account balance increase.

We make billing members easy and flexible

Use ClubCollect invoicing on its own or fully integrated with your membership management system.

Manual data import

Import .xls data from your member administration system.

ClubBase member administration

Combine ClubCollect invoicing with ClubBase member administration for the most integrated experience.

Partner integration

Use ClubCollect through one of our partner member administration systems.

Gear yourself up for successful payment collections

Get members to pay their invoices on time through a perfectly orchestrated interplay of individual triggers. You choose which ones to activate.

Multi-channel communication with members

Make sure to reach your members, no matter where they are located around the world.

Adjustable settings for each invoice

Take full control and determine which communication methods are activated.

Logical communication cascade

Save costs without compromising on effectiveness. Lowest cost communications are always used first. Only when members cannot be reached a higher cost one is activated. Cascade goes from email to text message to letter.

Send personally branded invoices in minutes

Upgrade the experience for members. Make it easy and secure for them to pay. Anytime and anywhere.

Secure personal payment page

Members can review and update their contact details, ask questions about the invoice and pay invoices through their personal payment page.

Match your house style

Customize the look and feel of invoices. Add your logo, use your own colors and add a personal note.

Tone of voice

Professional and friendly communication. Just like you would do it yourself.

Provide payment flexibility to members

Reduce friction for members and increase the odds of getting paid on time. Allow members to pay at their own pace and through their preferred payment methods. You decide what options they have.

Local payments

Most popular local payment methods in Europe.

SEPA Direct Debit
Bank transfer
Sofort *
Bancontact *
BACS Direct Debit *
PayPal *

Card payments

Major international cards accepted so you can collect fees from members all over the world.

American Express
* = coming soon

One-off payments or installments

Allow members to pay in up to 12 installments.

Choose debit date

Provide control to members on when their account is charged.

Subsidy requests

Generate subsidy requests based on your existing invoices.

Automatically remind and incentivise members to pay on time

Get your members to pay up to 30% faster by setting the right reminders and incentives - even after payments have failed.

Automated reminders

Schedule up to 3 automatic reminders for payments.

Payment incentives

Add late payment fees and administration costs to invoices to incentivised members to pay in time.

Customizable payment terms

Set the payment terms according to your preferences. They can differ for each invoice.

Automatic handling of chargebacks and failed payments

Stop spending time on manually handling chargebacks and inform members automatically about a chargeback or failed payment. Allow them to pay immediately or at a later date.

Take action after the payment term has expired

There are a myriad of reasons why members do not pay on time. We understand this and therefore provide options to collect the outstanding payments.

Send members a personal message to request payment.
Call members to follow up on the outstanding debt. Do this yourself or leverage the support of our debt collection experts.
Ask members one last time to pay and inform them about potential additional costs of further escalation.
Charge your member’s account yourself  (requires a DD mandate).
Use our log files to provide proof for a debt collection agency.

Be in the driver’s seat and have full control

Your member organisation should be in safe and trusted hands. Keep full control over everything while limiting the burden on yourself.

Central communication on invoices

Engage with members quickly and efficiently through tickets

Answer questions from members
Assign tickets to ClubCollect support
Give access to other board members
Have all relevant information within reach

Healthier financials with limited effort

Member organisations of different sizes say NO to manual work and YES to a financially healthier organisation by working with ClubCollect. Focus on your members and let us take care of the rest.

Invoice members

  • End-to-end invoicing
  • .xls & .csv import
  • Member admin integration
  • API

Collect payments

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Customisable invoices
  • Payment flexibility for members
  • Automatic reminders
  • Incentives to pay
  • Follow up after due date
  • Chargeback handling
  • Automatic reconciliation

Take control

  • Real-time insight
  • Tickets
  • Export data
  • Bookkeeping integration
  • Pre-financing
  • Advance on expected fees