Member administration

Smart and secure member management

With our membership administration you keep control and overview, and make sure there’s always an up-to-date membership base. This way you strengthen the bond with your members, and bring your organisation to life.

Manage users and rights

Give every admin the access rights they need to fulfill their job. This determines or restricts access to certain functionality. So everyone does what they do best.

  • Access to 10 users
  • GDPR compliant data management and processing

Organise personal data

By organising and labeling member data, you easily distinguish target audiences. Reach out to the exact desired group of members in just a few clicks.

  • Assign labels and subscriptions
    Create subscriptions to distinguish different types of memberships. When you assign labels, you quickly filter on activity or characteristics.
  • Advanced search function
    Combine the search function and a filter to find targeted members. Make an export of each group, file or person. That way, your data is always at hand.
  • Import your own data
    Your current membership file will easily be imported into ClubBase by us, without you having to do manual work.

Personal and recognizable communications

Keep members and stakeholders informed of your association. That’s how you create overview and strengthen the bond with members.

  • Mailchimp integration
    Through a Mailchimp integration you directly select the data you need from the ClubBase membership file.
  • Send personal emails
    Answer personal emails directly from the system. Send emails to individuals or to groups.

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