Member administration

Smart and secure member management

With our membership administration features, you get a full overview and control of the membership base and status. This way you strengthen the bond with your members, and bring your organisation to life.

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Manage users and rights

Control access rights to administrators, based on required functionality.

  • Determine access privileges for up to ten users
  • Fully compliant with GDPR

Segment Your Members

ClubCollect lets you organise and label member data to easily distinguish target audiences and communicate to selected groups in just a few clicks.

  • Assign labels and subscriptions
    Create subscriptions to distinguish different types of memberships and filter based on activity or other parameters.
  • Advanced search function
    Combine the search function and a filter to find targeted members. You can also export of groups, files or individual members to other applications.
  • Import your own data
    We can import your current membership file into ClubBase, so you don’t have to spend time inputting and uploading member details.

Easy ways to communicate with members

ClubCollect has a number of features that help you keep members and stakeholders up to date on the latest news.

  • Mailchimp integration
    ClubCollect comes with a Mailchimp integration, so you select the data you need from the ClubBase membership file to send group emails.
  • Effective communication
    Create and respond to individual and group emails directly within the system.

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