Create invoices without using plans

If you want to create an invoice that is not based on a plan (for instance for a barbecue or a donation to the organisation), you can create a draft invoice in which you can set a custom invoice amount.

In the ‘Invoices’ tab, go to the ‘Uninvoiced’ page and click ‘Custom Invoice Draft’ in the top right corner to start creating an invoice.

In here, find and select the member’s name, fill in the invoice amount and description and save the draft.

The next page will show an overview of all invoice drafts. Select the members you wish to make a definitive invoice for and click ‘Raise Invoices’ to create an invoice. You will now see an overview of all members you are about to create an invoice batch for.

After confirming the selection, you can name the batch and click ‘Create and send a batch of x invoices to ClubCollect.

The created batch is now visible in ClubCollect and is ready for sending out to the selected members.

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