Manage system users

You can add up to ten users to your ClubBase account. You can add and manage these users under 'Settings → Users'.

When creating a new user, you will be asked to give this user one of the following Access Rights:

Basic User

Basic Users can only view member data - they cannot edit any details, nor can they email members.

Super User

Super Users have access to everything on ClubBase. Including the option of adding new users to your ClubBase environment.

Members Admin

Members Admins can view and edit member data, as well as email members - they cannot, however, view any of the financial details.

Club Signatory

Club Signatories have view access only to member data (not finance data).


Treasurers have access to everything on ClubBase, however they cannot add new users to the system.

Communications Officer

Communications officers have access to view (but not edit) member data, and additionally they can send emails out.

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