Limit product stock per order or total stock

When you as an organization sell products via Forms, you want to be transparent about the quantities that a member can order or how many products are (still) in stock.

In the custom fields option of Forms, it is possible to add the maximum number of units per product per order and the total stock of a certain product. This is only possible for product fields. Then consciously choose "Only products". The standard maximum number per order is 100 products per order. There is no default limit set for the total stock.

You can set the maximum number of units of a certain product per order or the total stock by navigating to '' Forms '' > 'Create new form '> '' Custom fields '' > '' Product '' > '' Set limit ''.

If a member wants to order more units of a product than is in stock, the member will be notified that this is not possible. If the total stock has been sold, it is no longer possible to order this product as a member.

If you receive new stock, you can easily edit this in the product in Forms.

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