Allow members to donate to your organisation using ClubCollect!

Organising a new event?  Renovating the clubhouse?  Perhaps there is a special project or you simply want to provide better resources for your members - whatever it is, you can now allow your members to donate to the cause.

How does it work? 

Whenever you are sending out your payment requests, you can select the option of creating a donation campaign.

This will give members the option to donate an extra amount when they are paying their invoice.

Does it work?

You won’t know until you try!  However, from the clubs that have already started using this feature, we found that at least 5% of members are prepared to contribute an extra amount to the club on top of their invoice!  The average amount donated was £28.50.

Top Tips

When creating the donation campaign, ClubCollect will ask you to add a message.

We recommend making sure there is a clear goal for the donation campaign - preferably something that you know members would like to see changed.  This is because from the clubs that have already used this feature, we found that a greater percentage of members made a donation when there was a clear goal for the campaign.

Why not send out a survey to find out what members would like to see improved or are not currently happy with?

Final.. If you are not yet working with ClubCollect but would like to try it out, then drop us an email at: