Create and send invoices based on plans

When creating invoices based on plans, you are invoicing based on the amount that is assigned to this specific plan. However, while creating invoices, you will still have the option to change the amount through invoice/credit lines.

Profile in ClubCollect

Using profiles, you can decide which payment methods you want to offer and which communication channels you wish to use.

You can find this in the ‘Profiles’ screen in ClubCollect. Here, you can choose to edit existing profiles or create a new one by copying an existing profile and changing it to the preferred settings. See for more information.

To use a profile while creating an invoice in ClubBase, you can set a profile to ‘standard profile’ in ClubCollect.

Creating invoices in ClubBase

If you are going to invoice on the basis of a previously created subscription, you can immediately proceed to create the invoices.

Select the desired members on the 'Not Invoiced' page and click on 'Create draft invoice'. Alternatively, you can add another invoice line to increase or decrease the amount by clicking on 'Edit' in 'Draft invoices'.

On the next page an overview of the created invoices appears. Select the members for whom you want to create an invoice and click on 'Create invoices'.

The next page shows an overview of the members for whom an invoice will be created. Then click on 'Create batch of x invoices and send them to ClubCollect'.

The created batch can now be seen under 'Batches' in ClubCollect and is ready for sending.

Click 'View in ClubCollect' and send the batch to the members on this page.

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