Change batch settings

The easiest way to change the settings of a batch is to create the right profile before uploading the batch for which you want to use these settings. However, it is still possible to change the settings of a batch after it has been uploaded, but not yet transmitted.

Change settings before a batch is uploaded:

Login to your ClubCollect account and click on ‘Profiles’ in the menu on the left. Here you find an overview of all the profiles that are made for your organisation. To generate a new profile, you can copy one of the existing profiles and change it to the desirable settings. Make sure you use a clear and unique name for the new profile so it is easy to find once you are creating the batch.
Upload the batch and choose the generated profile. The settings of this profile will automatically be used for the invoices in this batch.

Change settings after a batch has been uploaded but not yet transmitted:

After you have uploaded a batch but before transmitting it, you will go through a short confirmation of the settings that are used for this batch. If you want to change settings you can still do this during the check. The invoices will be transmitted with the updated settings.

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