Deleting Forms

Important!-> You can only delete a Form if no responses/payments have been received yet. If reactions/payments have already been received, you can only set the Form to "Inactive" to close it and it can no longer be deleted.

If the Form in question is not yet "Archived" and is "Active":

- Click on the Form you want to delete, then click on "Deactivate", this will make the Form "Inactive".
- Now go to the "Inactive" tab, select the correct Form and click on it. Then you can click on "Archive". The affected Form now moves to "Archived".
- Follow the steps below to permanently delete the Form.

If the Form in question is "Archived":

You can delete a Form by going to "Forms" -> "Overview", then to the "Archived" tab, click on the desired Form and then on "Delete".

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