I already paid my invoice

If your payment is not (yet) visible as “paid” or “in progress”, your payment has not yet been registered. Banks can take several days to fully process and send payments.

If you transferred money directly to the organisation’s account, please contact them in order to reach a solution.

Sending a message to your organisation can be done straight from the invoice.

At the end of the invoice page, under "Post a question about this invoice to your club", you can leave a message for the treasurer of your organisation. Your message is sent instantly, keeping the organisation up to date.

In case you transferred the amount directly to ClubCollect’s account without choosing “payment via bank transfer” as the payment method in the invoice payment screen, we automatically refund the amount to your bank account with the request to pay through our systems.

In case the invoice isn’t processed after 5 working days, you can send an email to support@clubcollect.com, including a screenshot of the payment.

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