Importing invoice batches into ClubCollect via membership administration integration?

Here is a step-by-step guide on importing invoices:

**In case you are using ClubCollect for the first time, please check whether your logo is visible in the top right corner of ClubCollect.**

**Step 1 - Profiles**

In ClubCollect, you can customize your payment methods and messaging preferences under "Profiles." On the main "Profiles" screen, you'll find your existing profiles. Next to each profile are two buttons for editing or duplicating. Duplicating allows you to create an exact copy for modifications, saving time on setting up new profiles from scratch.

When invoicing through your membership administration software, ensure to designate your preferred profile as the standard profile. This standard profile in ClubCollect will be automatically applied for invoicing within your membership administration software.

**Step 2 - Preparing the Import in the Membership Administration Software**

Once Step 1 is completed, proceed to prepare the invoicing within your membership administration software.

**Step 3 - Sending the Invoices**

After a successful import from your membership administration software, the batch will appear in the "Batches" screen. A red cross indicates that the invoices have not been sent to members yet.

Before sending the invoices, it's advisable to review several invoices in the batch for accuracy. Once ready, select "send invoices" to initiate the invoicing process. ClubCollect will display the invoices and settings for your final check before dispatching them to members.

**Step 4 - After Sending the Invoices**

Following the invoice dispatch, members may have queries about their invoices. Corresponding messages can be found under "Tickets."

Feel free to utilize our FAQs page for members and treasurers to access the information you need at any time.

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