Invoice profiles

In ClubCollect, you can choose which payment methods you offer and what kind of messages you wish to send, these settings can be adjusted under "Profiles".

On the main "Profiles" screen, you will see your current profiles. Next to those, there are 2 buttons which allow you to either edit or duplicate that profile. To create a new profile you can duplicate a profile, which generates an exact copy that you can make changes to and save. This saves you time by not having to set up new profiles from scratch.

This way, you create a list of different profiles, that you can elect from when you start invoicing.

Payment methods

In this section, you select which payment methods a member can choose from when opening the invoice. When choosing, the members get a list of all payment methods you activated in the profile.


This section allows you to offer payment via installment to members that receive the invoice. Next to simply enabling installments, you can set the number of installments you wish to offer, as well as the number of days between each separate installment.

Automatic Direct Debit

This option provides you with the option to automatically send direct debits to members that have not yet made a payment decision.

Enabling ‘Automatic direct debit after first due date’ makes our system send direct debits to members that have not made any payment decision in their invoice and for which an IBAN is known. Our system will start sending the direct debits once the first due date has passed.

In case you also choose to activate ‘Automatic debit in installments’, we will use the selected amount of installments set in the ‘Installments’ section when starting the direct debits.

When using automatic direct debits, it is important that you have authorisation from the members to send them a direct debit.

Message timing and fees

This section lets you choose when you want to send your messages, set a due date and which communication channels will be used per message.

Message content

Here, you can add a message to your payment requests. First off, you can choose a salutation, after which you can add a personal message which will be added to your invoices.

Integration with membership administration software

In case you use ClubCollect in combination with membership administration software, you need to enable the desired profile as standard before generating the invoices in the integrated software.

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