Unpaid payment requests

After the last due date has passed, you sometimes still end up with some unpaid payment requests. You are able to find these as ‘Overdue’ in the ‘Invoices’ tab. In this menu, you also have the option of downloading an overview of the payment requests via the download button in the top right corner.

There are several actions you can take once a payment request ends up as overdue, and there are no remaining automatic messages from ClubCollect.

A personal message

First off, you can send a personal message to everyone that has an overdue payment request through the ClubCollect ticketing system.

In the ‘overdue’ section of the ‘Invoices’ tab, you will see who have not yet chosen a payment method. Select all members that you would like to send a message to and click ‘Send Message’. On the next page, you will be able to write and send your message. The members receive this message in their payment request and will also receive a notification that they received a message in an email.

SEPA Direct Debit (Only to be used if the organization has a mandate)

In case a member’s IBAN has been included in the import file, the organisation has the option to manually send a SEPA Direct Debit to a member whose invoice remains unpaid after the final due date. To do this, you will have to make sure that your organisation has a mandate from its members.

For more information on manual SEPA Direct Debits, you can read the ‘How do I send a SEPA Direct Debit for unpaid invoices’ topic in this section of the FAQ.

Final notice letter

In case a payment request remains unpaid, the organisation has the ability to send a final notice letter directly from ClubCollect. The member gets the opportunity to pay within days after receiving the final notice. In this letter, you warn the member that you might incur extra administrative costs, interest or even hand the file over to a debt collection agency.

For more information on final notice letters, you can read the ‘How do I send a final notice letter?’ topic in this section of the FAQ.

Using a debt collection agency

Lastly, you can also choose to use a debt collection agency to make sure the unpaid requests will be fulfilled. You can quickly create a file out of unpaid invoices that you can hand over to a debt collection agency of your own choosing.

For more information on using a debt collection agency, you can read the ‘How can I create a report of an invoice for a collection agency?’ topic in this section of the FAQ.

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