How do I pay my invoice?

You can click the blue button in the SMS/email that you received from ClubCollect - this directs you to your personal payment page. In case you received a letter, you can go to and fill in your personal code.

Once logged in to the invoice page, you can see the following:

  • Your contact details
  • Invoice details/explanation
  • The total cost
  • The payment button
  • The option to ask a question about the invoice

To pay, press the blue button called “View payment options and pay”. In the following screen, you can select and use your preferred payment method to pay the invoice. These options are based on the options that your organisation offers, questions about this can be asked at the bottom of the invoice screen.

In case you choose to pay through a bank transfer, it is important to follow the payment instructions, as this is the only way we can connect the payment to the specific invoice.

Want to add the invoice to your personal administration? The “download as PDF” button can be found at the end of the invoice.

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