Sending messages to members

ClubCollect offers two ways to send messages to members. Firstly, you can send a message to an individual member. Secondly, we offer a way to send a message to multiple members at the same time.

Sending a message to a single member

This can be done directly from the member's invoice.

The invoice screen has a number of blue buttons, clicking "Send message to club member" allows you to write a message to send to the member. This message is now linked to that specific invoice.

After sending the message, the member receives an email notification that gives access to the invoice screen, allowing the member to check the invoice and reply to your message.

Sending a message to multiple members

In the "Invoices" screen, you can select the members that will receive your message. Once the members are selected, you can click the "send message" icon in the top-left corner to start writing your message.

The next screen allows you to write your message as well as quickly check which members are selected by scrolling down to the list at the bottom of the screen. Satisfied? You can now send the message to the selected members.

Sent messages can always be checked directly from the "Tickets" screen by clicking "Answered".

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